I looked over my shoulder, I was ahead. The crowd was roaring. Suddenly, somebody zoomed past me. A long silence flew through the crowd. I knew I had the speed in me, I just had to overtake. The crowd was no longer interested. People started overtaking me! “NO!” I thought as I was pulled back Read More…

Australia’s Animals

There’s alot of animals native to Austrailia. For example,Koalas, kangaroos and echidnas. But Australia also has many poisonous creatures, like snakes. But thats not all, there are also endangered animals like the Orange leaf nosed bat. Thanks for reading about native Australian animals.  


This is my blog! I am exited to post alot of cool things and expand my knoledge and have a fun time. I’m new, but I will pull threw and have a great time!

Hello world!

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