Being safe online

February 6

 (in this chat there were 128 countries across Australia in it )

in this webinar we talked about how important it is to keep ur info to urself and how you need ur privacy on social media.



  • report people who you think are being cyberbullies
  • if ur getting cyber bullied tell an adult.
  • its important to check your privacy settings.
  • if you have posted something on socil media and your being heavily bullied  its good to tell a kids helpline.
  • keep some evidence to show.
  • its hard to tell if people are good or bad on social media.
  • NEVER meet up with someone you met online.
  • if they keep on harassing you with” lets meet up in real life”  it its legal to tell the police about it.


  • to feel safe and secure
  • be different
  • and have privacy

thank you and be safe online

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