My Holidays, Something About Me, One Of My Goals

On my holidays I caught the chickenpox! How Annoying!

I had to stay at home for a week. Because I am vaccinated, I caught a mild version, so I wasn’t feeling sick at all but I still had to stay at home! Arr! It was really annoying!


A fact about me… hmm… In my spare time I like to play on my 3DS!! I have plenty of games on it. People say first meeting me I don’t look like the video game type, but no! I adore playing Video games!!!!!!!!!


I love school because I like to learn new things and express myself during personal writing. My goal for the new year is despite my vision, I want to learn like everybody else with handy tricks and tips!

Technology can help me reach that goal, as in: Jaws (a screen reading program) text readers, (Thank you google chrome!!) and other useful things!

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