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In London, in the 1700s, the English population exploded making there more poor people and a higher rate of crime.


Back then, England’s laws were really harsh, stealing something like a loaf of bread could get you a death sentence. But there was a problem, they couldn’t hang everybody! So what did they do? They transported them to other countries!


They had colonies in Africa and America, but that plan was thrown out the window when America fought back! So they shipped people to New South Wales discovered by captain Cook in 1770.


They had six ships to transport convicts, The Alexander, The Friendship, (Although this whole convict thing wasn’t friendly at all.) The Charlotte, The Lady Penryn, the Prince of Wales, and the Scarborough. They were accompanied by two navy ships and three ships carrying supplies to build a new colony. (That’s a lot of supplies!)


Captain Arthur Phillip was in charge.


More than 700 convicts were packed onto the ships. There would be around 17 children on each ship. Most people would get sick and sadly, around 20 wouldn’t survive the trip… It was truly horrible.


When the English arrived, the Aboriginal people weren’t too happy about it. They had been the custodians of the land for more than 10,000 years and now the English were here, they were taking over.


They had bought in new strange animals, (such as cows) and they were marching around like they owned the place!!!


Aboriginal people called the English “ghost people” (according to My Place) but I don’t blame them. Back then English people did have white skin.


I just want to know; why did the English people not just live in harmony with the Aboriginal people? They could have learnt from each other in harmony. The Aboriginal people could have still owned part of the land and be doing their normal routines, but no, the English wanted it all for themselves!!!


Also, why did it have to be Australia? Why couldn’t they go someplace else and build a colony and leave the Aboriginal people in peace?!


I think that maybe if the two groups of people could understand each other and listen, then they would both realize that each other didn’t just live the easy life and they could help each other! (MAYBE)


Video 1: I think this video was about an Aboriginal girl that discovered something new that came with the English and she was scared so she went to tell her grandma but in the process she saw some English people.


Video 2: This video was about how tough England was in the 1700s. It was easy to get caught doing crime and get a terrible punishment and that is why their gaols filled up so they made a colony in Australia. 




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2 thoughts on “Early Australia – BTN and My Place

  1. Estella,
    I just loved reading this. Your curious and thoughtful voice is so clear, and your sense of humour comes shining through. Your recalls showed you clearly understood the facts, and I loved the way you put it into your own words. Your questions and insights are thoughtful and show that you can understand how it might feel to be in the situation.
    Great work!

  2. Hi Estella, I really liked your BTN reflection. You gave lots of facts and details but I could really tell that your audience was aimed at young children from the way you wrote it. I really think you did an awesome job as a year five. If I didn’t know for a fact I would think you have been doing these for years! Great job!

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