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Convicts in Australia got set hours, better pay and when their sentence was finished, they could get farm land, so Private Suds and Private Tomson stole something, to get caught and become a convict. 


Francis Forbs was the first chief justice of New South Wales.


 A punishment back then was 7 years’ hard labour on the fields in chains! The iron chains were a truly horrible thing to have on! They could not stand, nor walk properly!


Private Suds got very ill, his stomach  bloated, and his arms and legs swelled up. They tried to help him in the prison hospital by taking the chains off, but 5 days later, he died.



I wonder why or how Private Suds got ill?  Was it the chains? Was it desease ? I just want to know!



And also, I wonder if Australian convicts did have it better or if it was just a myth? Was it as bad in Australia as in England? Or was it worse?



I found out by myself that back then, there were more punishments then just 7 years’ hard labour in Australia. There was, for example, hard labour in chains.


This video was about Private Suds and Private Tomson’s  attempt of becoming convicts and having a better life, but failing, and Private Suds dying…






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  1. Another gorgeous piece of writing Estella!
    I love the way your voice shines through with the exclaimation you make and the questions you ask.
    Maybe put your summary sentence at the beginning to introduce your reader to the subject.
    Also, the word for the understanding/connection you make is ‘insight’ (as in ‘to see in to’) not ‘incite’ which means to encourage to do a bad thing. These are homophones- I love homophones-they double our vocabulary on the spot!
    Great work,

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