100 Word Challenge- But How Can Something So Tiny

My Grandma owns a nice farm. It has this HUGE tree. My Grandma says it pleases all. She’s right. Mum loves it because she can take us out for afternoon tea in the garden without worrying about sunscreen, Dad loves it because he can do his craft work in the shade, me and my brother love it because it’s perfect for playing pirates! Grandma makes these delicious pies from the fruit.

I asked Grandma, how are trees made? She told me they come from seeds. She showed me one. The first thought that crossed my mind was: but how can something so tiny bring happiness to all the family?

3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge- But How Can Something So Tiny

  1. Hi Estella
    I like this 100wc. This is really creative and nice. I love how you said all the reasons this tree could be used for. This is really nice to read because it is kind of like this tree brings peace and it is making me feel peaceful just reading it! I also love the word choice you decided on.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. I liked the seed idea. It was a creative. I also liked how you showed all of the reasons why the family like the tree! Good job and keep on writing! 🙂

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