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This video was about how early Australia was turned into what we know today.


Australia wasn’t claimed by the English until 1770 by Captain Cook.

Australia wasn’t always one big country Britain just set up colonies. The six colonies were like six separate countries except that the British controlled them all.

Even though all six colonies shared the same continent, they all had separate Defence forces, trade policies and railways. So you couldn’t get to Brisbane from Melbourne because Queenslandand Victoria had different size railway tracks.

The colonies began to think that it would be good to become one country because for a start, it would be easier to defend themselves if they had one HUGE army.

Except the colonies with a bigger population and more money thought that they would have to provide lots of things for the poorer, less populated colonies.

But that wasn’t the only thing… the poorer colonies such as Tasmania, thought that Victoria an  NSW would take over or have too much power.

Victoria and NSW decided that all the states should have even senators.

On July the 9th, 1900, Great Britain let Australia be one big country! (YAY!)

They added the ACT and the Northern territory later.


Why did Great Britain have to make it six colonies in the first place? Why couldn’t they made Australia one big country to begin with?

At the start of the whole “Let’s become one country” thing with the six colonies, why didn’t Victoria and NSW help the other colonies?


I think that Britain  let Australia be one country not under control by the English because I don’t think they wanted to do the American thing again. Neither would I!

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