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This video was about a Refugee from Vietnam who became a really funny comedian.


Refugees can spend up to 5 days at sea! That’s like, a whole school week!

Also, out at sea, they can get attacked by pirates! How scary is that?!

But there were also storms, lightning storms. So out at sea for 5 days, pirates, and MASSIVE storms?! I’m just scared thinking about it!

When this particular Refugee came to Australia, he was helped very much. He was welcomed into the community with open arms. The local people even got him and his brother clothes to wear. How nice of them!


I was wondering why did the person flee Vietnam?

Also, what other countries do Refugees come from today?


I found out that being Australian is not you look like or where you came from. What really matters are your emotions, feelings, etc. Everybody is the same inside.


One thought on “BTN- Refugees

  1. Hi Estella
    I really liked your BTN I don’t know where to start I just loved the word choice you put in there and I liked how you put in your emotion let’s not forget how good your insight was I really liked as the insight, it made feel and emotion. Maybe next time only click the enter button once for a smaller gap but that’s the tiniest thing don’t worry about it, Other then that it was INSUBSTANTIAL!.

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