BTN – Hard Beautiful Brown worried Camera

I was walking through the woods to snap some photos with my camera, but I was getting worried because there was nothing interesting…

“The walk through the woods is beautiful but dangerous!” everybody says. But I think anything dangerous went on holiday this weekend!

But then I saw something brown in the distance, it was hard to see it. But whatever it was, it was classified as dangerous, a werewolf! I began to run for my life! It was hot on my tail until I ran into town and I realised it was my next door neighbour’s dog! To think I was going to report to the police!

2 thoughts on “BTN – Hard Beautiful Brown worried Camera

  1. Hi Estella,
    I reallly like how you used WOW words and how you had the bit when you were running for your life from a werewolf but it turned out to be the nextdoor neighbours dog. Well done.

  2. Hi Estella,
    i really liked your 100 word challenge. The only thing that was wrong was the title, it was labeled BTN when it should’ve been labeled 100 word challenge. Just a little mistake.
    Otherwise, Nice Job..

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