100 Word Challenge – The Storm

My goal for this 100 word challenge is to do descriptions using less words.

It was a stormy, spooky dark night. I was with my sister, Rochelle, in our cabin, gazing out the porthole.

“Tom…. I’m scared…” she shuddered.

“It’ll be fine, promise.” I said wrapping my arm around her.

CRASH!!! Lightning struck the mast, swinging the boat to the left, making me and Rochelle slide across the cabin. The captain came in.

“Tom, Rochelle, you have to evacuate the boat!” He yelled.

We were about to leave when he stuck a book out at us.  “A family heirloom, keep it safe.”

We fled from the ship, onto a nearby island. We sat on the rocks watching our ship sink into the blue sea…





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