This video was about the scientists using special technology to train the Australians for the 2008 Olympic games.

They train bike riders in special tents to simulate the weather so they can see how to make a drink to have during the bike races.

They also got to film the Beijing bike track that would be used in the Olympics and put it on a screen to simulate the race.

 All of the turns and movements the rider makes on the bike used in the simulation, effects the bike on the screen, meaning inside a building in a tent with the screen is like the rider has been training in Beijing all along!

They use a special method when practising for swimming called biomechanics. The swimmer is recorded from every single angle from 35 cameras.

This helps because the swimmers are measured on the starting block for the best possible angle. It can change their times by milliseconds.

Also people cheat the Olympics sometimes by taking drugs to improve their muscles or to help their bodies work much faster. Drugs can also increase oxygen flow. When people do this, it’s called doping.


Why do people cheat to win when all they’re going to get out of it is a gold medal but a lot of guilt and being ashamed of themselves?

Why do they put so much work, time and technology into something that doesn’t last for long compared to the build up?


I can tell by seeing all the technology used, that Australia wanted to win the 2008 Olympics.

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