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This video was about the World Happiness Report, it’s rankings, and why it has those rankings.

The World Happiness Report is a report where the UN surveyed people around the world about how happy they are.

The top three happiest countries are Denmark ,Iceland and Norway

Norway turned out to be the happiest. Makes sense, they have lots of cool things, like frozen pizza, but it also gets cold and dark in Norway, so, how is it possible to be so happy?

The survey was run on how long people expect to live for, how healthy they, how much trust they have with the government of the country, and how much the government makes their country a better, happier place to live.

Other factors were how easy it is to get education, how good the police are, if they have universal health care, and others.

But if there are happy countries, then there has to be sad ones. Like several African nations were ranked low along with Syria. It’s most likely because of wars and not universal health care.

Amazingly, the US was ranked low as well…

Because of this happiness report, governments can see and improve on happiness levels of citizens!


Why was Australia ranked 9th behind New Zealand? Was it maybe more countryside…?

Are there people in Norway who aren’t happy?


I can tell from his text the researchers from the UN want everybody worldwide to be happy!

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  1. Makes you think doesn’t it Estella-what is it that makes people most happy?. What would people from those countries who are ranked low think?-where do they find their happiness? We are amazingly lucky to be living where we are….given how priveleged we are, do we have an obligation to make the world a happier place?
    Great to see you thinking and writing about such important things,

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