100 Word Challenge – The slime dripped through

We went on an AMAZING trip to England. Although when we came back we got a nasty surprise…

We opened the door to our house, and the smell of rotten something  wafted out.

“Ewww…” said my little brother. “It stinks!”

We looked around the house, slowly, What?! We had jet lag!

When Dad saw the fridge, he gasped. The slime dripped through from the sides of the door.

“I think…” Dad began. “I think the fridge is broken…”

“Ugh…” me and my brother sighed.

“the freezer too…”

“S-s-so…” my brother stuttered. “N-n-o freezer pizza…”

“No…” Dad replied.


Me and my brother yelled.



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