100 Word Challenge – …I couldn’t eat something so…

We went to the fish monger to get something for dinner. My dad pointed his finger at a lobster scuttling around in a cage.

“Hey Dad…” I said, calmly. “I didn’t know we’re getting a pet!”

“No… Katelin you, uh, won’t like this but…” Dad began.

“Yes?” I blurted impatiently

“This guy isn’t being our new pet because…”

“YES?” I was very impatient now.

“He is going to be our dinner…”

“WHAT?!” I yelled. If I was in a cartoon, my eyes would be out if their sockets.

I didn’t have dinner last night. I couldn’t eat something so… alive!

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – …I couldn’t eat something so…

  1. This is one of the funniest 100 word challenges I have ever read Estella!
    You really are a gifted writer. I love the way you carefully select your vocabulary- fishmonger, scuttled, out of their sockets. And the way you use sentence structure and punctuation to make your mood and meaning clear is superb

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