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This video was about how many pieces of clothing we throw away and how it’s a BIG problem

Did you know, that when a style comes out, businesses in places like China and Bangladesh mass-produce them. Sure it gives LOTS of people a job, although most of them aren’t paid very well and even though they look cool, the clothes can be lower quality.

A piece of clothing can have a few journeys after it’s thrown away. It can go to recycled clothing stores, although sadly that’s only 15% of it. The other 85% goes to, you guessed it! Landfill

Did you know that Australia is the second largest consumer of fabric per person in the world?! We buy up to 27 kilos per year! That’s a lot of linen!

Why do people not give clothes to charity once they are done using them?

Also, how are we going to make a difference with people doing it every day?

My insight is that we want to stop it, recycle clothes more, and we have good ideas about how we’re going to do it, but we don’t!



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One thought on “BTN – Fashion Waste

  1. Hi Estella
    This BTN is really great! There is a lot of facts to learn from and you had very nice questions. Your insight is very creative as well! You ask a lot of questions to the audience as well and that can engage them more, and they could stop and think. And go like, “What the is that really true???”
    Or something like that. You know what I mean.
    Anyways really nice job hope to see more in the future!
    Phoebe 😀

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