BTN – Wipe Out Waste





This video was mainly about how 2 schools are working on becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing the stuff that goes to landfill.

Did you know that every year Australia throws away about 50 million tons of rubbish! You know, that’s around 2 tons per person!

There are three main types of bin these schools are using:

COMPOST: A bin where you put things that can break down in the environment, such as compostable papers, garden   materials and food scraps such as banana peels. The bin has a green lid.

RECYCLING: A place to put paper, cardboard, and basically anything with the reduce reuse recycle sign. This bin has a yellow lid.

REDUCE: It’s called this because we want to keep reducing how much we have in these bins. You put some food packaging, broken things that are impossible to fix or that can’t be recycled. This is  the bin with the red lid.

Did you known that some schools that have stopped putting so much stuff in landfill by term four might be completely waste free! Imagine that! It’s much better for the environment than  all this landfill!

Why have not as many school joined in sooner?

Apart from this act, how can we reduce landfill? I few schools stopping wasting won’t fix the problem!

My insight is that we should all start sorting our rubbish for the environment and out of happiness!

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