100 Word Challenge – Paper Mache Hands Holding A Burger

Have you ever had a big burger, that needs two hands, although you need a drink? Well you’re in luck! Because today I’m talking about the one and only Burger Blaster!

It’s simple to work! You have a pair of paper mache hands perfect for holding burgers! When you need a drink, slip the burger into the hands and ta da! The hands will hold your burger while you drink!  See why this can help you?

What’s even better, it’s incredibly cheap at only $19.99! So come on down and get your own Burger Blaster today! (Burger not included)

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Paper Mache Hands Holding A Burger

  1. Hi Estella
    I really liked how you used the prompt most people will go crazy with it but you made and advertising text it was also very creative I absolutely loved it!
    GREAT WORK!!!!!!!

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