BTN – Solar Impulse 2





This video was mainly about the new solar plane called the Solar Impulse 2 that’s trying to set a new world record.

Did you know that in 1903 the Wright brothers invented the first ever successful airplane .

The Solar impulse 2 will take around 25 days to fly around the world not using any jet fuel. It’s perfect for the environment!

The Solar Impulse 2 has over 17,000 solar panels on it’s wings. At night it uses batteries charged with the sunlight during the day.

The solar impulse 2 has a wingspan of 72 metres and it weighs around about 2.3 tones. That’s only like, 2 small cars! That’s light!

So far, the accommodation on the Solar Impulse isn’t great, it only seats 2 people in a cockpit the size of a standard wardrobe.

One of my questions is what is the top speed of the Solar Impulse 2 ?

How long does it take to charge the Solar Impulse 2’s batteries?

My insight is that the creators of this are hoping to make travelling by plane more environmentally friendly.


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