Adaptations Unit Reflection


In the project I did with Brynn about the Sturts Desert Pea we took notes on websites to start to get information, then we typed up what we were going to put into our presentation. We found a picture that showed a good Sturts Desert Pea.  We printed out these parts and created our board of information. Brynn made a model at home and brought it in to school the next day. When I was not there on Friday, Brynn did an experiment on the hard seed coat of the sturts desert pea by using a kinder surprise shell (the plastic one) as the hard seed coat and a sponge as the seed. We practised our presentation and I think we both speak confidently, we have included good information, we have minimal errors in spelling and punctuation and we have detailed information about the Sturts Desert Pea.

The three facts I found interesting were:

  • The Sturts Desert Pea’s black boss tricks birds into thinking it’s the seed they peck at it and get pollen on their beaks and then peck at another Sturts Desert Pea’s black boss transferring the pollen.
  • Even though it’s adapted to a hot desert environment, the sturts desert pea can survive in light frost.
  • The Sturts Desert Pea’s downy hairs are used for many purposes including shading the plant and keeping moisture by the plant.

Two understandings I now have are:

  • Most of the Sturt’s desert pea’s adaptations are around retaining water.
  • The adaptations of the Sturt’s Desert Pea’s seeds allow the plant the best chance of survival.

My one wonder is:

  • If the Sturts Desert Pea can survive in light frost, has it adapted to do that because an event happened a long time ago?


Some of the most important things I have learnt are how to conduct an experiment and how to take notes effectively. I learnt how to do an experiment in class and learnt how to take notes effectively when researching for my project. I am going to use my knowledge on doing experiments for later projects about animals and plants and I will use my note taking skills for researching for later projects.


This project helped me develop better teamwork and researching skills. I have not just learnt about the Sturt’s Desert Pea I have also learnt about desert environments and adaptations and why animals adapt to their environments. I enjoyed the whole topic learning about desert animals and plants’ adaptations.




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