100 Word Challenge – …then suddenly it went dark…

I was happily walking down the street, a shopping list in my hand then suddenly it went dark. Darker than I or anyone else I know has ever seen. Rain began to poor, heavier and heavier. Lightning struck in the distance. Then the rain stopped. The lightning too. The sky became light again. I went back home where I would feel more safe. I switched on the news and this is what I heard: “Meteorologists still cannot explain this weather phenomenon”

I flicked through the channels and all they were talking about was this.

Does this mean this isn’t over?


One thought on “100 Word Challenge – …then suddenly it went dark…

  1. Estella,
    I really love the ominous tone you create here. The way you have structured your sentences, making use of short sentences to emphasise the suspense works extremely well,
    well done,

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