100 Word Challenge – Two Foot Prints and a Shoe

When the beast came through,

He took everyone’s shoe,

He only took the left,

and a couple of stylish belts,

he is a strange sort,

apparently he has this decked-out fort,

with an ice-cream machine,

and he is said to be the snow-cone supreme.

He used to steal right feet shoes,

until he found his favourite,

then he threw them all away,

well mostly.

It was dark and grey,

when he came back again,

In his water proof jacket,

And his right well-worn shoe,

there was a sport game,

he ran up to a player and took his shoe,

and then scurried off again.




2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – Two Foot Prints and a Shoe

  1. Estella- this is a wonderfully absurd poem in the tradition of Edward Lear and Spike Milligan (look their poetry up if you don’t know them).
    I love the specific and unusual details you include- my favourites are the ‘stylish belts’ and the ‘waterproof jacket’. They bring it to life.
    great work!

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