“Why must EVERYTHING be about you Charlotte?”

That was my breaking point.

“me?! ME?! YOU’RE the one who decides EVERYTHING we do!”

“Oh. So you’re angry at ME I pick what to do WHEN YOU TELL ME TO CHOSE?!”

“Why did I EVER want to become FRIENDS with YOU?!” I stormed out of the room and sat on the rope swing out in the garden. The wooden seat felt rough and rugged and as I slowly swung it “creeeeeked” like an old door. It felt like thick black smoke was pouring out of my ears I was so angry.

This friendship had fallen to pieces, although I had to last the night with Kyla. “Oh boy this will be fun…” I thought.

I only went back inside later because I was hungry. Kyla and I were across the table like those dark Vampire Lords in the movies. We were giving each other the stare too. I didn’t enjoy that at all which is sad because it was pizza…

Thankfully it was still light. We could still set up the tent. “The sooner we set the tent up, the sooner I go to sleep, the sooner Kyla leaves.” I remember thinking to myself.

My Mum said she would set up the tent while Kyla and I got the sleeping bags and flashlights. I knew this was one of her schemes to make us friends again. Although I wasn’t falling for it.

As a clambered into the cramped tiny tent the smell of wet dog filled my nostrils. Being in this tent might be what it feels like being in a jar.  It was so cramped it would make anyone feel claustrophobic.

“Hurry up!” Kyla was continually yelling at me. “Hurry up!” I said to myself in a high pitched squeaky voice.

“GET YOUR FOOT OUT OF MY FACE!!!” I yelled as I pushed Kyla into the side of the tent. She pushed me back although my head landed on the soft bag of marshmallows. That was a good start to our evening, don’t you think?

“Could you stop?” I asked Kyla as she nosily ate marshmallows. ‘Oh I’m sorry.” She said with a mouthful. “Can I not eat a midnight snack?”

“It’s 7pm.” I said to her.

“Wait.” Kyla began. “Did you touch these?’

“Um yeah…” I began. “my head fell on it…”

Kyla dropped the bag like it was alien. “Ew get your greasy hair bag away from me!”

Marshmallows were scattered across the floor which I still think was a waste of perfectly good marshmallows. We gave each other the silent treatment for the next two hours.  I fiddled with my hair, Kyla was biting her nails even though she was anything but nervous. The silence was tedeis and I was starting to be bored until we heard the bushes rustle. The sound of Kyla hyperventilating was the only sound. I saw a shadow creep around the tent gracefully.  “W-what was that!?” I said, my voice shaking.

“It’s nothing you scaredy-cat!” Kyla replied.


“Eep!” Kyla shrieked, “Take Charlotte not me!”

I sighed. “Seriously?” I said my arms crossed.

“RAWR!!” The cre-alie-onster roared.

The sound of soft footsteps got quieter and quieter as the cre-alie-onster jumped on the fence and scampered away like a cat. Come to think of it, it probably was a cat.

C-c-can we g-g-go inside n-n-now?” Kyla whimpered, her voice shaking.

“y-y-y-y-yeah” I replied stuttering even more then her.

I’d agreed with my Mum that if anything happened I could call her and tell her to unlock the door.

I pulled out my phone from my backpack.  I pressed the screen trying to switch it on. Then I realised… it’s flat.

“Well?!” Kyla aggressively asked.

“No. I can’t call her I have no charge on my phone!”

“Can’t you just, like, bang on the door so she gets up from the couch and unlocks it?!”

“She’s gone to bed.”


“it’s 1am!”

Both of us began thinking.

“My phone!” Kyla yelled making me jump.

Kyla punched in my Mum’s number on her phone.


“It’s gone to voicemail Charlotte.”

“Make one!”

“Um hello? Charlotte’s Mum? It’s Kyla. Charlottes phone has run out of charge so we’ve called you on mine. Please unlock the door there are monsters out here!”

“BEEP! Message sent.” The phone buzzed.

We waited and waited.

We ate the midnight feast together, the marshmallows, cake, jellybeans, chocolate sand lolly snakes.  The smell of sugar floated through the air, bags crinkling as we reached in or more. Then we talked about all the other things we’ve done together. Kyla whined about how she hates her swimming classes (as usual) and we tried to think of a way to help.

“Let’s check if your Mum has opened the door.” Kyla said in the middle of a conversation.

So we walked up to the door and saw something that made our hearts sink. Mum’s phone was on the dining room table from when we had dinner.

We saw that the window was ajar. Kyla grabbed underneath so I could climb through.

I landed on a soft pile of cushions. I used the lever to close the window. I rushed into the kitchen and began rummaging around for the key. I finally found it  tucked behind some 2 minute noodle packets.

I put the key into the lock and turned it. The door clicked open.

“Oh hello!” I say to Kyla as a joke.

“We can stay in here until the sun goes up but after that we have to go outside. Mum can never know we broke in.”

I deleted the missed calls and messages and made sure I put the phone back in the exact same position.

I opened the door and locked it when the sun began to rise. Kyla held the door open while I put the keys in the original position.

We ran outside to our tent and the door clicked behind us as it locked.

We spread out our sleeping bags and got in to make it look like we had been in them all night. Kyla spread herself out and pretended to snore while I closed my eyes and curld up I a ball.

About 5 minutes later Mum arrived and said: “is there any particular reason why Kyla’s phone was on the couch?”

Mum gave me a speech about things like “don’t break and enter” and “don’t snoop around” The talk was so long it went to the point when Kyla’s dad arrived.

“How was it?” He asked patting Kyla on the back.

“Good!” Kyla said in an innocent lyrical voice.

“Thanks for looking after Kyla for the night. What do you say Kyla?’

“Thank you!” Kyla said lyrically.

“Are you ok with Kyla coming over next weekend?” asked Kyla’s Dad.

“Of course! What would you want to do Charlotte?”

“I’ll, let Kyla decide. After all, we wouldn’t want everything to be about me would we?”

Kyla and I giggled.

I remember this story like it was yesterday. Come to think of it, maybe because it was…


I think from writing this I have got better at picking ad using one specific tense during my story. I now have a better understanding on what words show which tense the story is in.

I also think I have got better with my relating my story to my own life.  This story has show me how powerful it makes your writing if you relate it to your own life.

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