100 Word Challenge – My Holiday

I thought my holidays would be great,

But sadly there was a twist of fate,

I was sick I cried “oh please no wait!”

The coughing and spluttering,

The sneezing sometimes wheezing,

It was so not appeasing!

The days went on,

Gradually I got better,

Although by now the rest of my family was sick too!

This was so not cool!

Thankfully on the last week,

When I felt quite normal again,

Two of my friends asked me to see them,

And my holidays were becoming so great!

Even though I was sick,

It was still pretty good.




One thought on “100 Word Challenge – My Holiday

  1. Hi Estella
    I really like your 100 word challenge because you have made it a poem. I think the rhyming really worked, and you gradually moved out of rhyming into other things.
    Good work

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