100 Word Challenge – …as the door slammed, I knew…

As the door slammed, I knew. I knew somebody was coming down the hallway. Me and my sister were breathing really hard now, clenching each other’s hands.

“Poppy…” my sister begun, “I’m scared…”

“I know you are just hang on.” I said with confidence even though I was whimpering inside.

I tried to ring my parents but I had no connection.

I grabbed an umbrella and opened the door.

I crept up the stairs like a tiger sneaking through bushes.

As I got to the top, I saw a shadow sneak around the corner and went to investigate…

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge – …as the door slammed, I knew…

  1. A nice open ending. I’d like to read a follow-up. Did you choose to write each sentence on a new line and not as a paragraph?
    Mr. M. (Team 100WC)
    Bedfordshire, UK.

  2. There are 2 things I really liked about this. One that you put the prompt at the very start and that the structure was very interesting.
    Great work Estella

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