100 Word Challenge – Mysterious Figure

“Come to me…” the figure whispered.

“Come to me…” I ran although those words echoed in my head.

“Come to me… Come to me…” Every time it was said with more aggression.

The sky swirled purple and lightning crashed at the tall city building on  the horizon.

A young girl ran across the park screaming and yelling and I grabbed her and ran to keep her away.

“What’s going on?!” She stared at me with her big hazel eyes, so innocent, so sweet, she didn’t deserve this.

‘I…” I hesitated, “Don’t know…”

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Mysterious Figure

  1. Estella,
    Your writing is wonderful! The scene is filled with emotion and anticipation with your choice of words – whispered, aggression, hesitated. The description of the sky and lightning and building on the horizon give the setting even more mystery than the picture alone. Well done!

    Mrs. Peterson (Team 100wc)
    Texas, USA

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