100 Word Challenge – Stone Statues

“People turning into statues all around town! Authorities have fenced of the area because anyone who has been transformed needs to be tested. Oh and I am getting information now that if you touch the stone people, you turn into a stone as well. In addition, top scientist turned to stone! Now time to go to Sandy out on the field, Sandy.”

“I read you Bob. Scientists   have theories that this energy drink, ‘SUPER DUPER AMAZING AWESOME ENERGY DRINK’ is the cause of all of this. Also, get your SUPER DUPER AMAZING AWESOME ENERGY DRINK for HALF PRICE! That is all from me!”



One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Stone Statues

  1. With my 100wc i would like to think of ideas faster and make a decision on one idea and to stay with it through all the challenge. Also try to get exactly 100 words.

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