100 Word Challenge – Strange Creatures in the Woods

I turn around.

They are there.

I turn the other way.

They are there.




Following me everywhere I go.

Roaming the twisting winding wilderness of my mind.

A sharp turn to the short stories.

or, go past the big oak to find my inner thoughts.

They roam there.

They live on my fear.

My fears.

My sadness.

My everything.

Roaming my mind.

Seeing which moment they can change.

To shape their ideas.

Their plans.

With me.

All alone.

The one in the corner.

The only one who believes they are there.

My every emotion haunts me.



One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Strange Creatures in the Woods

  1. OMG! That was beautiful. I was reading this, and I just stared and didn’t blink. That was amazing. I am still shocked. I really think you should continue writing things like these. There moving.

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