BTN – Democeracy





This video was mainly about how democracy was made, and comparing it to the  way it’s creators thought  it would be to how it is now.

The origins of democracy are Greek.

Democracy is based on the two words from the Greek language,

Demos: People

Kratos: Power

Democracy nowadays is the most popular form of government!

In Australia, we have what is called a representative government, which means instead of meeting and voting on laws, we vote on a representative to do it for us.

Australia’s democracy system was designed for the best interest of Australia and its people.

What would happen if the magna carta wasn’t signed, and Australia and other countries are  still ruled by kings and queens/ would it be different or the same? Better or worse?

Why did the ancient Greeks have all the rules about who could vote?

One insight I can make is that the rulers of ancient Greece who came up with democracy would never have imagined it would get to be so popular nowadays.



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