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I have not yet finished this, please take that into account. I went a little overboard with the facts…





This video was mainly about the Governor General and the power they have and what you need to be able to do to be it. It was also about how Australia is getting a new Governor General and what the new Governor General will do pretty much as soon as they start the job.

The Governor General has things like a VIP jet to fly around the world in, a mansion for when they are I Australia, a holiday house usually, a decent salary and a fleet of cars to escort them anywhere they go through being Governor General also mean LOTS of paperwork and going to multiple events around Australia EVERY SINGLE DAY! They also met many people (that is many hands to shake) do speeches, then AFTER those speeches meet MORE people and shake MORE hands.  Wow! That is what I call busy!

Quentin Bryce was the first female Governor General is Australia. Cool, I know! She went to more than one big event per day while she was governor genral, an not just in one state, she had to fly all over Australia in that VIP jet I was talking about in the summary. That is amazing!

The Governor General taking Quentin Bryce’s place is someone called general peter Crosgrove he served the Australian defence force for a long time and he even became its chief! After cyclone Larry hit in 2006, he helped clean up the mess it had caused.  He was asked by Tony Abbott to be Governor General. That is actually really cool!

Did you know Australia’s Governor General is actually a representative for the queen? Since we are a monarchy, we have the queen as head of state. However, since she lives across the globe from us, we have a Governor General as her representative.

Even though the Governor General has lots of power, you know, being able to kick out the PM, they still do not get say in how Australia is run. However, they still have important official business. They make sure Australia goes by the book. They also have to approve laws, and appoint new judges and government officials.

The Governor General also has a seriously big power. They can fire the PM if they have good reasons.  Though doing so what cause absolute CHOAS! However, it has happened before in 1975, the Governor General at the time, John Kerr, fired the PM at the time, Gough Whitlam. It caused a lot of controversy!

How long has Australia had a Governor General? From he momen they arrived in Australia? Or did Australia not have one for a while? I would like to research more into that.

In addition, who was the first Governor General? I would like to find this out for some backround for this topic.

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