BTN – History of Voting





This video was mainly about the history of voting and all the strict rules that came with voting over history.

Did you know in the 1800’s, women were not allowed to vote? That is where suffragettes came in. They protested for the right for women to vote. In 1902, Australia finally let women vote AND let them be elected into federal parliament, AND they were the first country to do it!

Even though women could vote, indigenous Australians did not.  In 1948, they were given the chance to vote, though only if they served in the army. Finally, in 1962, Australia gave all indigenous Australians the right to vote!

Do you know how the voting age now is 18?  Well, it used to be 21. If you were under 21, you could not vote. However, they changed it to 18 in 1973.

If you do not vote in Australia, you get a fine.

Why didn’t  women rise up to vote sooner?

Why were indigenous Australians not allowed to vote if they were not in the army?

I can tell throughout the history of voting it has been unfair.


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