BTN – The Aboriginal Flag





This was mainly about the aboriginal flag and its origin.

In 1966, a Gurindji man named Vincint Lingiari started a strike which is now called the Wave Hill walk off. He led it with 200 other aboriginal people at a place called Wave Hill cattle station in the northern territory, where they set up camp at Wattie Creek. They said they would not move until the land was returned to them.

The Aboriginal flag was first flown at a place called Victoria Square, right in the middle of Adelaide. It was first flown on the 12th of July 1971.  It is still flying here to this day.

In the 1994 Commonwealth games, Olympic gold medallist, Cathy Freeman wore both the Australian flag, and the Aboriginal flag during her victory lap. Which caused a bit of controversy, seeing as at that time, the Aboriginal flag was not an official Australian flag yet. In 1995, the Aboriginal flag was made an official Australian flag by the Prime Minister at the time, Paul Keating.

Why had nobody made the Aboriginal flag an official Australian flag before 1995?

Where was the Torres Strait islander Flag first flown?

My insight is that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander flags will live on for centuries to come.

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