100 Word Challenge – Journalists

“…” That was all I could say when I first saw it.

“Strange, huh?” said the other journalist who was standing here examining this thing that had appeared overnight. “What do you think it is?”

”…” I was too busy wondering what it was.

“I mean,” the other journalist began to say, “It’s pretty weird you know, for something like this to appear overnight like this. Real newsworthy scoop, you know.”


“All I’m saying is we can become famous from this-“

“No.” I said. “Let’s just get the scoop to the news room, and be on our way to the next place.”

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Journalists

  1. Hi Estella,

    A very interesting way of using the prompt. I haven’t seen any others who have written it as a dialogue between news reporters-very original! I liked the way that you used the two voices to show two very different opinions.
    Well done!
    Yanalie (Team 100) Murcia, Spain

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