100 Word Challenge – Shouted Crimson Misty Frantically Grave

My goal for this piece of writing was to make my writing more “scary” and a bit less funny and cheerful.

The sky was dark. Dark like the ocean after sunset. Pitch back. It was cold and misty. My exhales faded into the smoggy haze. The crimson flowers along the path hung their heads. Had they had a bad day? I continued to walk another few meters when I heard a rustle in the shrubbery, further down the street. I kept walking, thinking it was just my imagination. However, the sound crept closer and closer. I began to run, realising  this was not a figment of my nightmares. I shouted while frantically trying to get myself out of grave danger.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Shouted Crimson Misty Frantically Grave

  1. Kia ora Estella. You have definitely achieved your goal for this week! You have done a very good job of setting a scary scene and creating atmosphere by describing the sky/weather. I especially like how you described the flowers, i.e. ‘they hung their heads’. Well done Estella – keep up the fantastic writing.

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