BTN – The Ring of Fire





This video was mainly about the ring of fire, why it is so dangerous to live here and a bit about natural disasters.

About 90% of Earths earthquakes happen in the ring of fire. That is because a lot of tectonic plates meet there, and natural disasters happen when tectonic plates collide.

The Ring of Fire is home to up to three quarters of Earths volcanos, and those volcanos have had some of the biggest eruptions.

It is proven that tectonic plates move by the clear results up on Earth. Mountains have actually been formed where tectonic plates collided, volcanos can also happen. So can earthquakes. If there are earthquakes, it is possible to get tsunamis, created by earthquakes under the ocean.

In the video, it was said how they can kind of find out when tsunamis are going to happen, but they can’t track earthquakes, but what about the other natural disaster formed by colliding tectonic plates, volcanic eruptions?

Are there underwater volcanos? If there are, what happens when a volcano erupts underwater? Does anything big happen, like many rocks going into the ocean and possibly damaging ships?

I can tell from this text that earthquakes are extremely devastating natural disasters, not just because they are powerful, but because they are unpredictable or almost unpredictable,  meaning people have no or not much time to prepare.

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