100 Word Challenge – “When did it arrive?” I said

“When did it arrive?” I said, looking at the strange cardboard box my sister had shoved into my face.

“Sometime REALLY early this morning,” My sister begun, “But I don’t know clocks or time and I think it said 6 though I’m probably wrong.”

I gave the box an evil glare. What even are you? Why are you here…?

“Throw it out.” I blurted. “Toss it in the outside trash.”

“”No!” My sister squealed in response. “It will get upset!”

“Boxes don’t have feelings.” I said rolling my eyes.

The box grumbled in response to what I had just said.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – “When did it arrive?” I said

  1. Estella,
    I so adore reading your writing! You always draw me in with something unusual and make me laugh with your observations of how people react. I love the way you get under the skin of how people think and bring it to life through their thoughts, words and actions,

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