Herald Sun Kids – Hawaii Volcano






This article was mainly about the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, some facts about the volcano and the effects it has had on people in Hawaii.

Lava Fissures are vents or slits in the Earth that when opened up, lava can at least leap up to 70m in the air.

Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage, like the 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the south side of Hawaii, which caused landslides in the Hawaii Volcanos National Park, a coastal cliff to collapse into the ocean and a slight sea level rise, though thankfully no tsunami.

Did you know that the Volcano Kilauea is the most active volcano in Hawaii and the world? It has not stopped erupting for 35 years! Its eruption type is effusive, meaning that the eruptions flow, constantly, though they do not explode. Most of the eruptions have gone into the ocean.

Why has Kilauea been erupting for 35 years? Was hasn’t it stopped erupting?

What happens to the lava from the eruptions when it hits the ocean? Does it turn into rock?

My insight from this text is that people would be extremely stressed if they had relatives living or visiting Hawaii during this dangerous time.

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