My House My Rules Reflection

The My House My Rules Webinar was mainly about different types of scams, viruses, hacks and blackmails across the internet. Some signs that you have been sent are scam are fake links, trying to rush you, no phone number to call for verification and bad grammar.

Viruses take over your computer and steal your personal information. You get can viruses from hackers who do it on purpose to sell your personal information, or friends who send it to you by mistake thinking that it is something cool that you would want to see.

On social media, random people can try to be your friends to steal your personal information or hack you. People online can also impersonate your real life friends to hack you or steal your personal information. Always check with the person in real life before accepting friend requests.

People can lock you out of your computer and ask for bit coins. They usually put a timer on it, and people have been asked for up to $4,000! Most of the time you need to download all of your software again because there is not much you can do when this happens.

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