BTN – Hawaii Volcano





This video was mainly about how Kilauea is erupting, and how the volcano works. Also, a bit about how it is to be living there right now.

The lava coming for Kilauea is slow moving, though extremely dangerous. It is around 2000 degrees, meaning it destroys everything, like in the video when it destroyed a car.

Hotspot Volcanos are formed where molten rock or magma has built up underneath the Earth’s crust. The Volcano forms when enough pressure builds up for the magma or molten rock to break through the crust. When the magma or molten rock hits the water, it creates islands. Since the hotspot stay in the one place and the tectonic plates move, the hotspot creates new islands when the tectonic plates move.

If the lava drains out of a volcano like Kilauea, the first thought would be that it is good, but it is not! If that happened, there is a possibility that the molten rock will heat up the ground water, which could cause the mountain to explode!

Are there different types of molten rock coming from the volcano?  Are there different materials?

Because of the hotspot, in the future will Hawaii have more islands?

My insight is that people who are there feel safe, since the lava is slow moving, though also in danger, seeing as it never stops.

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