BTN – Is Africa Splitting Apart?





This article was mainly about how in Africa there are giant cracks in the Earth and what is most likely going to happen in the future.

In Africa, there is a huge fault line, meaning that over the next around 50 million years, it could split apart. This came to scientists attention when during heavy rainfall huge cracks appeared.

The cracks in the Rift valley are apparently 15m deep and 15m wide, growing larger and larger by the day.

There are two tectonic plates underneath Africa, the Somali plate and the Nubian plate. The Somali plate runs from the Horn of Africa to Mozambique, which separates itself from the rest of the continent, which is on the Nubian or African plate.

What will happen in the approximated 50 million years when the tectonic plates completely move away from each other?

How many times has something like this happened?

My insight for this text is that this may be helping scientists get a better understanding of Earth.

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