BTN – Cape Town Water Crisis





This video was mainly about the huge drought going on in a place called Cape Town. It also talked about the water restrictions and what it is like to live there. In addition, it talked about what damage a drought can do and how much water we use just doing simple things.

If a bad drought goes on for years, it can lead to the area where the drought is going on to have zero water! All the taps would run dry, and people would get water rations of 25L and dropping as the crisis continued

Do you know on average how much water you use in a day? If you wash your dishes or do laundry, that is already 18L, and then if you decide to have a one and a half minute shower, that’s 15L, flushing the toilet once is 9L, if you wash your hands, 3L,  if you cook something, 2L, a glass or water is 2L also and one dog bowl s 1L. That is already 50L of water!

In 2014, Cape Town’s water sources were full, though when the drought hit, the water got less and less until the maximum amount of what you can use per day is 50L, and it is rationed carefully.

What happens if there are families in Cape Town? Do they still have the 50L of water per day restriction, and if so, how do they manage?

Where would the authorities get the water from for Day Zero? Have they been saving water for day Zero?

My insight is that people in Cape Town would be very worried about day Zero coming around, and they would be trying as best as they could to save water and money for  when Day Zero comes.

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