BTN – Don’t Panic





This Video was mainly about 2 families who were put up to  the test to see what they would do during a natural disaster their area was prone to.

During a bushfire, it is a common belief that you should go to the roof, though it is actually quite dangerous, and not recommended.

When you are scared, like for example, during a natural disaster, your brain works differently, you are less calm, you do not listen to instructions and you do not pay attention to little details.

During a cyclone, there is very heavy rainfall, which may cause floods. DO NOT drive through the floodwaters!

What would happen if they swapped the natural disasters each family was doing? Would the results be different?

How long would it take for a bushfire 13km away to arrive where you were?

I can tell that preparing for a huge natural disaster is not easy, though you can do it if you learn to control your own fear.

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