100 Word Challenge – Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock

Regularly, I wake up every morning and look at my clock half-asleep, then realize I’m late for school and go into a panic. After I so skilfully get ready in under 10 minutes (and no, I never skip brushing my teeth) I rush down the stairs. I always zoom past the fruit bowl, and all the apples, pears, lemons and a  lime fall to the floor. When I finally get to class (at around 10:40am) I whisper “sorry…”and sit down. We learn things like what makes a flame or what state of matter ice is. After school, I always miss the bus and I walk home in the rain.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock

  1. Estella, I can feel your panic and rush – wouldn’t it me much better if school started at 10.30am each day! I love walking in the rain as long as I am heading somewhere warm in the end. Fiona Team100WC

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