100 Word Challenge – Why Would I Do That?

Of all the embarrassing things I could have done, why would I do that? It is almost as if I was trying to publically humiliate myself! The way I just stood there, frantically trying to find the right cue card, and when I did, I just had to go and drop them on the floor. As I crouched down to pick them up, the clock still ticking away, I heard a negative comment from the audience.

“Can’t even read off cue cards?”

The audience agreed, murmuring to each other hateful comments.

I dashed out the room, holding back tears.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Why Would I Do That?

  1. I like the use of rhetorical question at the start it hooks the reader in and makes them question what the situation is. I like that i almost sound as if a persons thoughts have been written out making it easy to follow!

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