100 Word Challenge – Stairs River Pink Cooked Nervous

Goal: To write in the present tense more.

I’m wandering through the woods, and I’m getting nervous. I’m on a camping trip with my family, and I’m missing home. The way I used to run up the stairs to my room, and how I cooked all the time, trying to perfect my technique, but that’s gone now. The more I walk, the heavier my pink backpack starts to feel. I’ll probably have to stop and rest soon. But if I remember correctly, there should be a river around here somewhere… or maybe a lake…? No! A pond! Definitely ! Wait, was it? I’m never getting out of here!

One thought on “100 Word Challenge – Stairs River Pink Cooked Nervous

  1. Great to see you choosing and working on such a specific goal. Using present tense can be tricky, but it does lend a real sense of immediacy.
    and I love your ending-it made me giggle!

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