100 Word Challenge

I was cleaning. I had my grey gloves on, I had my mop ready, I had everything I needed ready, apart from the one cloth in my house that was stuck on a shelf I just couldn’t reach! I was jumping up and down, frantically trying to get that one cloth! I got so mad, I wanted to grab the mop and smash it into the shelf, though to be fair, I did try…

I threw my hands up, while I was jumping, and they went through the ceiling! However, the mop handle did snap… My hands went straight through my brother’s diorama! How crazy?

One thought on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Hi Estella, It is amazing the different stories that this picture of hands has generated. I love the concept of the surrounds being a student’s diorama – that is crazy. You have definitely thought outside the box with this story, well done.

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