BTN – Mars Experiment





This video was mainly about what it would be like to live on Mars and how NASA is sending 6 people into a dome on the side of a volcano for a year to see how humans cope with the conditions they would face on Mars.

If you lived on Mars, you wouldn’t be able to do anything extremely entertaining, because of the lack of space that you could live in, there wouldn’t be a lot of privacy, and you would have to eat the same packaged food every time you ate, which would get repetitive.

If humans want to go to Mars, the journey could take as little as a year, though it could be three years!

Mars is a tough place to live. It is windy and cold, and just to go outside humans would need spacesuits! NASA has made it so the same applies for the year of testing.

Why did NASA choose to do the experiment by a volcano?

On Mars, how many of the domes would be created for humans to live there ?

I understand that this would be an extremely hard thing to do, and it may change a few peoples’ minds about going to live on Mars after they saw something about the experiment.

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